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A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.

Sep 25, 2016

Giant monkeys are the topic of this week's episode as we discuss the Meng Hua Ho directed picture, The Mighty Peking Man (1977).

Sep 18, 2016

This week on the show, Mark goes off the deep end with his rating for the Carl Monson directed picture, A Scream in the Streets (1973). Your other two hosts Mike and Iris are a bit more level-headed.

Sep 11, 2016

This week on Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Iris walks both Mike and Mark through the James Bryan directed picture, Lady Street Fighter (1981). This ain’t no video game folks.

Sep 4, 2016

Bruno Mattei joins us this week to discuss his 1980 directed picture, Hell of the Living Dead. Along for the ride is Claudio Fragasso and George Romero. The studio is packed, but you’re more than welcome to sit in and listen to this weeks episode of Dawn of the Dead.