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A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.

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Dec 28, 2014

Our final episode of 2014 has arrived and so ends our December with David DeCoteau. This week Mike and Iris look at his 1988 film, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. During this episode, Mike breaks down and admits he’s watching newer horror films. Iris stutters when we talk of Linnea Quigley’s ass (not...

Dec 23, 2014

Mike and Iris continue December with David DeCoteau by looking at his 1986 film, Dreamaniac. This is an odd film in that there’s only one dream sequence in the film and there’s no real succubus. Which begs the question, why is it called Dreamaniac when there’s a severe lack of dreams in the film? Can a nuthouse...

Dec 16, 2014

December with David DeCoteau moves into week three. This time around we look at Nightmare Sisters from 1988. We discuss “real” scream queens. Extended bathtub scenes. Boobs. And Mike tells people to “fuck off” and to “unsubscribe” from the show. We also welcome very special guest and writer of Nightmare...

Dec 8, 2014

December with David DeCoteau continues here on the show with Mike and Iris looking at a more recent film of his in that of Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper (2014). During the episode we talk about shirtless guys, really bad Bigfoot costumes and why Bigfoot is so horny for hairless young men. This episode is uncensored...