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A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.

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Oct 29, 2013

In EP55 of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, Mike and Iris discuss Premutos: The Fallen Angel (1997) and The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974) in what ends up being a zombie filled BBandBC Halloween Special. In this episode Mike has the distinct pleasure of talking to Olaf Ittenbach, the Director of Premutos: The...

Oct 22, 2013

In this episode of the show, Mike and Iris discuss the Daniel Mann directed film Willard (1971). During this episode Mike discovers that Iris has a dislike of rats. He also realizes that Elsa Lanchester is the “Bride” from The Bride of Frankenstein. Last but not least, Mike tries to convince Iris that rats are...

Oct 15, 2013

In EP53 of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts, your two hosts discuss Ruggero Deodato’s shocking classic Cannibal Holocaust (1980). Both Mike and Iris give credit to Deodato for producing what is the first “found footage” film and then go on to poke fun at The Blair Witch Project for trying to capture the same...

Oct 8, 2013

In EP52, Mike and Iris discuss Jack Hill’s exploitation women in prison film, The Big Doll House (1971). Your two hosts also put up with a number of aggravating Skype disconnects while trying to get through Pam Grier’s “real” first film. Luckily, Mike manages to splice it all together making for a decent episode...